Your Lips Reveal More About You Than You May Think

It is always said that your eyes are a mirror of what is inside you. You know that. But you probably didn't know that your lips also have this ability to reveal what is going on deep inside you, about your personality, about the nature of the relationships you weave with the people around you, and about your mood. 

Take a closer look at your upper and lower lips; are they puffy in size? Find out more about your personality traits.

Thin lips

If your lips are tender, then you are a lonely woman. But it doesn't bother you because you don't feel the need for friendships in order to have good feelings. Even more, you may find it difficult to communicate with others, which means that you do not have the gift of forming relationships.

Full lips

Are other women jealous of you because you have full lips? So, you're lucky; it also indicates that you constantly want to experience maternal feelings and that you show interest in the people living in your surroundings. 

You are also a generous and giving person, as you feel happy when you carry out tasks that benefit others, and you like to communicate with them and make friends with them.

Small mouth with full lips

Do you have a small and full mouth? So, it is the things that relate to you that are your top priority. If your lips are thin, this is evidence that you find it difficult to establish relationships and communicate with others.

Other forms of lips may indicate your personal qualities:

Medium-sized lips

If your lips are not large and not small at the same time, that is, medium-sized, and if the arch of the upper lip is not well defined and visible at the same time, it means that you like to establish stable social relationships. What? 

Yes, in this case, you would rather not face problems within this framework and avoid experiencing any kind of tragedy.So, you do not impose yourself on others and do not stick to them, although you constantly need communication. You are a social woman par excellence.

Upper lip with a V-shaped arch

Know that what this shape of the upper lip indicates is that you are sociable, like to communicate, have a light mind, and have creative ideas. 

However, you are sometimes hasty and don't often think about what you are saying, which leads you to face some problems if what you have been told is negative.

Upper lip with a round arch

Look in your mirror again. Is your upper lip like this? If your answer is" yes", it means that you have a kind and kind nature, showing your constant sympathy for people who need it. More than that, you are patient and unselfish.

Upper lip with an ill-defined arch

It may happen that the arch of your upper lip is ill-defined or clearly defined. Indeed, this means that you are emotional and sometimes unable to put an end to your emotions and anger. 

So, you give for free and without limits, even if it comes at the expense of your own comfort and personal happiness. On the other hand, you are a responsible woman, but you need to be aware that you cannot find solutions to all the problems of the Earth.

Plump lips

In this case, you have the acting talent and luck that will help you turn into a star who lives under the spotlight. You like to become the object of attention from people living in your surroundings; you renounce loneliness and sometimes tend toward depression. 

This may indicate that you have some selfishness. But if the tips of your lips are thin, this indicates that you love joy and entertainment and do not get angry easily.

An inconspicuous upper lip and a natural lower lip

If this is the case with your lips, know that you are a woman who is more concerned with her work than with her social relationships. You are not good at going to rest because the ultimate goal of life, for you, is to achieve your goals.

A large mouth with normal or full lips

Are these your lip cases? So, you are a generous woman who is always ready to help others.

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